squeak «skweek», verb, noun.
1. to make a short, sharp, shrill sound: »

A mouse squeaks.

2. Informal. to get or pass with difficulty: »

The Senate will block it even if it squeaks through the House (Wall Street Journal).

3. Slang. a) to turn informer; squeal. b) to confess.
1. to cause to squeak.
2. to utter in a squeaking manner or with a squeaky voice: »

to squeak out an apology.

1. a short, sharp, shrill sound: »

We heard the squeak of the stairs.

2. Informal. a chance to get by or through; chance of escape: »

a close squeak. The bill passed by a narrow squeak.

[probably imitative. Compare Swedish sqväka to croak.]
squeak´ing|ly, adverb.

Useful english dictionary. 2012.

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